• Regarding The Guitars for Veterans Programme
  • I am the chairman and founder of Veterans Shed Gwynedd. We have engaged with G4V and collaborated with the Veterans Hub in Shotton. The scheme has been a means to collaborate with other groups and (sorry for this)… harmonise our efforts!
    VSG has 7 members signed up to G4V and are building links with the community. Along the North Wales Coast at Shotton, Llandudno (Troop Cafe) and Bethesda.

    Unlike many “well being activities” G4V gives more bangs for their bucks! Where a walk or a litter pick can be a boost when the activity is over… the benefits fade. I think that G4V by providing a guitar, training and backup gives a more robust range of benefits. The gift that keeps on giving and a lasting legacy.

    Michael, in 7 weeks has gone from guitar beginner to playing scales, chords and is starting to write his own tunes.

    In my experience you are never alone if you have a guitar! It is a companion, a play mate and a constant source of achievement and sometimes frustration! But in that lays the benefit. Company when you're alone and a common language when amongst friends.
    - Mark Emptage

    I'd say one of the largest benefits as a tutor is being able to help people in a way that most people wouldn't think of, music. Being able to provide help to those who've served and helped to keep our country safe, and the fact that we can now offer something back to them is extremely important. Hopefully as I tutor I can continue to help them grow and develop musically.
    - Jospeh Sharlott

    ‘Guitars for Veterans has attended Caerphilly Veterans Support Hub and Monmouthshire Veterans Support Hub for the past year. During this time I have seen first hand the impact that this programme has had on Veterans in the community. This has been something that they can focus on, find a community and have a shared passion with like minded individuals. I have seen their mood lifted and a look of pure joy. Recently, when a veteran struggled with an acoustic because of their arthritis they were loaned an electric guitar – I cannot express in words the joy that was on his face. This veteran has recently lost his wife and the ability to have something to focus on has changed his outlook. I cannot recommend this project highly enough and has been a real asset to the hubs that I run.'
    - Lisa Rawlings

    As a tutor for Guitars For Veterans Wales I have been seeing the benefits to my students as they become more musically inclined & really find the time to practice and hone specific and general guitar skills. This has helped them gain more education via the lessons & help come together as a group of similar likeminded veterans in a safe place.

    It's been great seeing them improve the skills on guitar and music by my guidance and the online video lessons too. With each member turning up at our veteran's hub inspired week after week
    - Phil Court Music

    We would like to give feedback and let you know that the Guitar 4 Veterans project has been brilliant for the veterans at the gallery.

    The veterans who have received their guitars have found learning a new skill and focused their attention with a positive outlet improving their mental health. It's a great project that benefits veterans and adds energy to the gallery when the lesson are on.

    I have been delivering the tutor lessons and watched the confidence of the group grow as they start putting the chords together.

    We are looking to increase the group size and will be giving out more guitars soon, thanks for bringing this great project to us.

    The knock-on effect of this is that the gallery members who took part in the veteran choir event Revive have gone to events and carried on with great enthusiasm for making music.
    - Chris Paling


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